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gallowsanatomy asked: With FTV Annihilation's list already out, I'm curious as to why Damnation wasn't included on the list? It seems like one of the perfect cards for something like this.


We wanted Wrath of God in the set and Damnation seemed to close to Wrath of God.

Because there aren’t enough easy to get reprints of Wrath of God out there… FFS.  I just wanted a modern framed Jokulhaups… oh well, maybe if they ever come out with a Nordic themed set.

Anonymous asked: your blog is shit tbh


I probably have more followers than you though, so…

You’ve got more followers than me too, but I actually like your blog.

Anonymous asked: I'm sorry, you said meat is bad. This isn't 100% true. Studies show that when real meat (meaning meat that hasn't been through some unnatural process, with the extreme being McDonalds) is eaten in the correct proportions then it can be beneficial to our health. Now, that essentially means moderation, and picking the right meats. But truthfully, a general good rule in life is everything in moderation. I just think it's unfair and incorrect to say meat is bad period.


You’re right, meat isn’t necessarily bad for your health (though, to be clear, there’s no data supporting the idea that McDonald’s meat is better or worse than other meat…except that it’s easier to eat a lot of it very quickly, and there’s a ton of salt…and you generally also consume it with fried potatoes and sugar water.)

But yes, there’s nothing wrong with meat in moderation…though diets high in animal protein have been found to be linked with cancer, heart disease, and premature death in humans.

But, on the whole, whether I live to be 73 or 78 is not so much of a concern to me as the overall impact I have on the world during those years. No one can deny that meat is horrible for the environment. Giving up meat would probably reduce your carbon footprint by more than giving up driving

40% of grain produced in America is fed to livestock animals. That’s enough to feed 800 million people. 30% of the world’s total ice-free land is used to grow crops to fead to livestock. 30% OF THE WHOLE WORLD! Only 10% is used to grow human food crops.

There are ways to raise animals with less significant or even beneficial environmental impact…but we do not raise animals that way. 

I’m not even touching on the cruelty, here. Let’s just worry about the Earth and not individuals for a moment…if we do that, meat is /clearly bad/ and we should all eat less (if we can), which I try very hard to do.

So you would support the extinction of domesticated cattle, swine, and fowl then? The disappearance of the modern rancher, dairy farmer, and the livestock industry in general?


They’re just jealous that they’re fat old fucks that are way beyond their prime, and even then they wouldn’t have shit on her.

Good for her being a kick-ass.


They’re just jealous that they’re fat old fucks that are way beyond their prime, and even then they wouldn’t have shit on her.

Good for her being a kick-ass.

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Our September, October, and November FNM promos in order!

Lawdy Lawdy those are pretty.


Below The Surface Of Architectures

Agency Saatchi &Saatchi Russia has made illustrations campaign for the Schusev State Museum of Architecture in Moscow, entitled “Below The Surface”. Through the visuals, we discover the fictional undersides of different famous buildings. A production by Carioca Studio, to discover

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